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CEF's General Tips and Guidelines
Careful planning is essential to a successful project. Here are a few suggestions before you start:

Find the right designer- well thought out design makes all the difference between an average finished product and an outstanding one.

Determine your budget and scope of the project before building plans are submitted to the building department. When you are ready to submit plans to the city building department, it should be done well in advance to the start of construction. Planning and building approval can often take longer than some people anticipate.

The client should make several decisions early. For example, we usually leave the selection of interior finishes, and electrical or plumbing fixtures to the owner (flooring, tile, surface mounted lights, sink faucets, etc.) Your designer might help you with some of these decisions, and we can provide additional assistance. It's important to decide early enough in the process because many items cannot be bought off the shelf, and the ordering and delivery time could delay your project. It's also important to know that changes in these selections mid-way through the project can have a ripple effect and add delays and expense to other aspects of the construction process. CEF Contractors can help guide you through the process, and will alert you to time-sensitive decisions.  We take pride in our project management and finished product.

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